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Hello, and merry Christmas to you and yours

Because December is my birthday month, I am giving you a discount if you place a review for me on Google and/or my Facebook pages before 01/01/2021.

Instructions on how to leave a review: end of the text.

So place a review (unless you already have, then you already get the discount), and choose from the following and book in by emailing me back

  • $25 off distance house clearings and healings
  • $20 off one hour coaching sessions
  • $15 off one hour healing treatments
  • $10 off vouchers
  • $5 off workshops

I am available for face to face and remote sessions the following days:

  • Monday 21 December
  • Tuesday 22 December
  • Wednesday 24 December
  • Thursday 25 December
  • Monday 28 December
  • Tuesday 29 December
  • Wednesday 30 December
  • Thursday 31 December

These seem to fill fairly fast, with the festive season not being so festive for some people, so get in touch quickly.

My workshop’s subject this month is: releasing what does not serve you. January also sees popular workshops return: personal predictions for 2021 (Sunday 03/01/2021!), Vision Boards and Attracting whatever you want.

Thank you so very much to all those who have subscribed to my YouTube Channel: 208 subscribers so far!

Please like my Facebook pages if you have not already (you’ll find all services on there, too):

Holistic Life Coach www.facebook.com/EnjoyYourLifeLimited/

Energy Healer and Reiki Master www.facebook.com/Enjoyyourlifeltd/

How to leave a review

On Google:

On Facebook:

Thank you so much!! I wish you all the very best for the Christmas period

Yvonna Hoefnagel

Enjoy Your Life! Today.

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