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Karl P – 2018

Yvonna, you were a great help during some hard times

K [sponsor] – 2017

Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for my mum this year – you’re amazing and it’s much appreciated xx She really enjoys spending time with you, she is quite chirpy when she’s seen you. You have been amazing for her thank you so much, she does seem so much brighter!

Andrea – 2017

I wanted to let you know the good news and thank you for your encouraging emails, and particularly for our meeting because you got me in the head-space to refine my old-fashioned CV – which of course led to all of this happening.

Jude – 2017

I really enjoyed Yvonna’s positive attitude.

I am usually a positive and motivated person however I felt stuck. I thought I’d try a life coach for something different. The clarification of my values I found very helpful and the exercise assembling them in order really put things in perspective for me. I did not realise how important they are to me. Also Yvonna wrote everything down which I have at home to refer to.

I feel more assertive and am very careful about saying ‘yes’ when I want to say ‘no.’ I am back on track and feel more positive and motivated especially doing the things I really enjoy. I also use my time more constructively and delegate more. I am acting upon what my values are and my life is wonderful.

Coaching with Yvonna is very effective and it has made me think about negative influences in my life that I do not want. I have stepped away from these and my life is more comfortable now. I found it very productive! Because I am thinking and behaving differently now, all my relationships have improved and I am more assertive and honest. Hurrah!!

Joanne Salt – 2017

My coach Yvonna, blew me away as Yvonna was making me think what my life and where it was going  and sorting what my dreams to come true!!

I was happy to come in each session, always looking  forward to the next time with Yvonna. Before, I was nervous, as I do this when I meet a new person. Didn’t know what to expect.

The most valuable part of all was organising me, setting my goals in practice. Getting to know who I am as well. About my True Self and my Goals that have come true, being more organized, specially in my business.

Coaching woke me up and Yvonna was getting me to  think better, and what was important for me, for my new life. I feel really good now, gone so far, really pleased. I am happy with my sessions, that’s all I have to say!!

Jo R – 2016

Yvonna is very much a straight up shooter. In this way I mean she is knowledgeable, open and honest, she gives you suggestions/ideas on how to move forward. So if you want to move forward and needing inspiration from a knowledgeable, skilled and talented person then please contact Yvonna, she would love to speak to you and work with you to get you to better place in your life and to ‘enjoy’ it!

Robert B [Sponsor] – 2016

Here are some of the results from Yvonna’s work with my adult son:
a) Independence: increasingly able to work for long periods unsupervised and able to articulate plans for the future much clearer and better.
b) Communication – self-confidence and communication skills have improved immensely. He has begun to talk about the future with a sense of positivity, purpose and hope. This is new.
c) Interpersonal Skills –My son has always been well-liked and approachable amongst his peers and managers but has stayed mostly reserved. However, he is more open and happier after his sessions with Yvonna.
d) Time Management – doing much, much better over the last year measured against indicators such as tertiary studies, hospitality work, and sleeping patterns.
e) Teamwork – has always followed instruction and guidance willingly from managers and been very easy for other students to collaborate with and is now leading small teams at his workplace and place of study.
Based on the above indicators, I highly recommend Yvonna in her area of expertise, Life Coaching.
What he gained: greater self-confidence, generally more chatty, greater trust to work out his own future, happier within himself, greater clarity to talk about things, more highly-motivated, greater understanding of accountability in all areas of his life to others, particularly adults

Isaac K – 2016

Because of your words of wisdom and believing in me I now lead a happy, fulfilling life. Yes I made the changes and I helped myself….. But you believed in me and gave me the push I needed when I needed it most.

Tonny H – 2015

Yvonne stimuleert je om positief te denken . Zij activeert je om de dingen op een vlotte manier aan te pakken. Ze gaat op respectvolle wijze met je om. Ze laat je inzien dat je dingen kunt laten vallen die je ongelukkig maken, zodat je een happy leefwijze over houdt. Zij laat je niet teveel denken maar doen. Ze laat je je leven leiden bij de dag.

Isaac C – 2015

This wonderful lady changed my life after the Christchurch earthquakes. She supported me when I was at my rock bottom and as a result of listening to her advice and support I am the person I always wanted to be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kathleen T – 2014

I like Yvonna’s coaching style because its direct, no pussy-footing around. She’s made me see that there are many more options than I thought, and that no one else has been able to show me.

Philippa W – 2014

I had 3 sessions with Yvonna. Before, I felt stuck and bored but didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Yvonna listened to my wants and needs and we came up with a workable list which I am putting into action. I feel much more enthusiastic and energetic, and life is moving forward and is interesting. I enjoyed the sessions and recommend seeing Yvonna if you want to make changes.

Gemma Stapley – 2014

Setting up a plan and being more clear about my future as well as strategies was great for my understanding of what it will take to get where I want to be. I can see so many options now!
Everything we have done over the past few weeks has had a huge impact on me. It has given me confidence that I never knew I had.

Everything is going so well. Yvonna, you have given me great insight to what I can accomplish. The three coaching sessions have been the best thing I could have done for myself and I have loved your help and guidance.

Kim T – 2014

Yvonna is a dedicated and committed professional. She wants the best for you and will make sure she explores every avenue so you achieve the results you want. Yvonna is also a very personable. She is easy to get on with and has a good sense of humour.

Dean D – 2014

Discussion was excellent, heaps of good ideas for a starting point/where to go and action steps to start doing now. Different way of looking where to start. I now have a new vision/goal for my business concept.

Kaye S – 2014

I felt very uncertain but now I am pleased that by thinking outside of the square, there are more opportunities out there for me than I give myself credit for. I am glad Yvonna suggested to look further and work on acknowledging my skills and experience. Thought provoking!

I am glad with the clarity and the positive outcomes of my three coaching sessions. The most valuable part was acknowledging myself and thinking about what I want from my (future) employer. I also thought in depth about what business I will feel happy working for/with.

Philippa W – 2014

I feel relieved and happy now. Thank you for working together with me to help me come up with a plan of action. Listing the action steps was very valuable.

I am glad Yvonna asked provoking questions and that I felt un-judged and empathy from Yvonna. I can do simple things now to make my life more fulfilling.

Lewis M – 2014

Great work Yvonna, I had a business plan that needed your expertise and knowledge. Your help defined the parameters of the financial budget as well as helping me execute this action plan in achievable stages and in good time. I recommend Yvonna for business planning.

Murray S – 2013

I felt worn out and overworked. Now I am focused on my goal. Thank you for the good positive session. I think this lady is very well suited to this sort of work.

Doing this coaching made me realise I don’t need motivation – I work hard. But I need to focus and become a bit smarter. I thought I could get organised in a week, however 1 hour a day seems to do it. Every time I get a bit more organised it makes me feel better. I need a lifestyle today, not next week. 🙂

I feel good now. This coaching for me has been great. The fact I couldn’t make it every week made me realise how out of control my life was. I completed all my goals in the last six weeks.